Drupalcon Nashville is in the Books!

Elevated Third at Drupalcon Nashbille

DrupalCon Nashville has come and gone, and once again we feel lucky to be a part of the family that is the Drupal community.

The week kicked off with an inspiring Driesnote by the one and only Dries Buytaert, Drupal’s Belgian born founder and fearless leader. The speech highlighted the leaps and bounds that the open source community has taken in the past year, while also laying out a road map of ambitious goals for the years to come. 

We were thrilled to hear Dries address one goal specifically – providing those with a limited technical background with a more friendly content and media management experience.

To remain aligned with the ideals of open source, this is not simply a luxury to look forward to, but a necessity for the community to embrace in order to continue to create ambitious digital experiences. 

Fortunately, E3 is no stranger to this hurdle and has been facing it head on through our custom Drupal 8 base build, Paragon. 

Session Highlights

Over the course of the week in Nashville, there was an abundance of thought-provoking sessions put on by members of the Drupal community. On the off chance that your schedule didn't bring you to Nashville this year, or you just want to rewatch one of the sessions our E3 team took part in, you can check out the highlights:

Nelson Harris, and Joe Flores spoke about Decommoditizing Drupal 

Kate Sawyer and Anthony Simone spoke about how Drupal 8 helped Perforce with scalability 

Nick Switzer and Aron Anderson spoke about how Drupal helped the NFPA bring an outdated paper process online 

Time for a humble brag…

Congratulations to 3 of our own on becoming Acquia Certified Developers!

Aubrie Hill:

Aubrie Hill with an Acquia Certification badge

Gurwinder Antal:

Gurwinder Antal with an an Acquia certification badge

Eric Schmidt:

Eric Schmidt with an Acquia Certification Badge

As we look back on the week of honky-tonk fun and camaraderie in Music City, and we begin to move forward towards achieving our goals in the coming year, it’s important that we keep these words in mind as we look for motivation…

"Together we’re building something better than any of us could do on our own" - Dries Buytaert

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