Effective SEO and First Quarter Ad Spend


For Effective SEO, Content is King

In this recent survey from eMarketer, 72% of marketing professionals agree that content creation is the most effective method of search engine optimization. Trailing far behind comes keyword research and frequent website updates. With a dramatic increase in things like native advertising, mass-producing mediocre content won’t help marketers though. The quality of the content is just as––maybe even more––important than having the content in the first place.

Think of Your Business as an Animal, Not a Machine

Ever since the days of the industrial revolution, we’ve seen businesses as machines, controlled by operators, following blueprints. But with the growth and expansion of the digital age, our businesses change and warp so quickly in the environment that these blueprints no longer work quite as well anymore. This interesting read from CMO.com encourages us as marketers to recognize that businesses are living and breathing organisms––ones that must adapt to the world around them or face extinction at the hands of digital Darwinism.

US Advertising Spending Falls 4% in First Quarter

According to this Wall Street Journal article, a recent report stated that advertising expenditures are down from how much they were last year. Eight of the ten biggest industries watched as their budgets were cut in 2015. Some speculate that these cuts are an effort to save money as businesses try and negotiate the digital ad market. The automotive industry, which is typically the highest spender, dropped a whopping 11% in ad spend in the first quarter, followed by second-largest spender retail, dropping 9.6%.