Elevated Third and Morton Publishing Launch New Site


Elevated Third is proud to have collaborated with Morton Publishing Company in the launch of their new website, www.morton-pub.com.

Morton Publishing Company, a college textbook publishing company, worked directly with Elevated Third to design and implement a comprehensive site to seamlessly integrate their product line of lab manuals, photographic atlases, and study guides, with their robust CustomLab program to bring customers a better user experience.

During the design process, Elevated Third and Morton Publishing Company collaborated to find the best solution to showcase a full product line of book titles and incorporate many additional features. One of Morton Publishing Company’s requirements when building this site was to be able to showcase their high-quality images in an organized and easy to navigate  fashion. Elevated Third worked to showcase these images on a homepage slider, in the instructor resource image library, and as part of the CustomLab section on the site.

In order to create a user friendly book customization process, Elevated Third developed an integrated custom section of the website with various calls to action, allowing customers to customize a selected title directly from the book information page. This customization section of the website outlines each step in the process for customers and walks them through choosing material from select Morton titles, uploading customer written material, and adding images to their book in the CustomLab image library to create a tailored book for use in their course. Now, customers can review titles, customize books, browse an expansive array of instructor and student materials, and make purchases with a combined e-commerce solution from Elevated Third. This creates a better user experience for both front-end users and site administrators alike.

About Morton Publishing Company: Morton Publishing Company is a small, privately owned college textbook company based in Englewood, CO.  Since 1977, Morton Publishing Company has been dedicated to publishing high-quality textbooks and laboratory materials while keeping costs down so that books are affordable for students.  Morton believes that high prices should never dissuade students from investing in their education.  For more information about Morton Publishing Company, visit www.morton-pub.com or call 800-348-3777.

About Elevated Third: Founded in 2005, Elevated Third is a leading digital agency located in Denver, CO that specializes in digital marketing strategy and Drupal web development for local, national and international clients. The agency continues to cultivate a number of long-term relationships with clients across the healthcare, commercial, government, educational and nonprofit industries. Elevated Third provides digital marketing solutions that integrate strategic creativity with intuitive user experience. The agency also provides a variety of other services including usability and SEO consultation. For more information, visit elevatedthird.com, the company's Facebook page or @elevatedthird on Twitter.