Elevated Third Builds Portal for University of Colorado


Denver digital agency Elevated Third has announced the October launch for its current project with Boulder’s University of Colorado Graduate School. Since early August of this year, the agency has been working with University Graduate School directors to rebuild the school’s online grant application system into a more efficient process for both students and faculty.

The University approached Elevated Third after learning of the agency’s ability to create and execute highly intuitive user-experience (UX) design, as well as its extensive knowledge of working with the Drupal CMS. The University of Colorado is converting many of its programs to Drupal, as its open-source nature aligns with the collaborative foundation of the University community. Many colleges and universities, worldwide, are transitioning to Drupal due to the software’s accessibility, modularity, advanced scalability and highly customizable functionality.

The new portal for University graduate students streamlined the overall grant application process, as it allows students to track application activity and assets at each step of submission. When students apply, the request for a letter of support is now automated, and the grant portal sends an email notification to the teacher of reference. Previously, letters of support were manually processed, and students had no way of knowing their standing in the application process.

Elevated Third provided wireframing and visual design, as well as extensive backend development to create an efficient review process for faculty and board members. “We anticipate that both students and CU faculty will have a great experience in working with the new automated system,” says Elevated Third’s Erin Leonard, lead designer in the project design. “We designed it to simplify the overall application process.”

About Elevated Third: Founded in 2005, Elevated Third is a leading digital agency in Denver, Colorado. Through its unique combination of user-centered creative and open-source technology, Elevated Third is recognized for its digital marketing solutions that integrate intuitive user experience design using Drupal. The agency provides a variety of other award-winning services, including branding, as well as usability and SEO consulting. For more information, visit elevatedthird.com, the company's Facebook page, or follow @elevatedthird.