Elevated Third Joins Denver Startup Week 2013


What is Denver Startup Week?

Denver Startup Week (DSW) is a week long series of events dedicated to showcasing the entrepreneurial community in Downtown Denver. This year, DSW will take place September 16th - 21st. DSW features five different tracks: Business, Design, Technology, Manufacturing, and Social Enterprise with events ranging from panels and workshops to happy hours and job fairs.

Visit the Denver Startup Week site for more information.

“Marketing Tools for Startups”

Elevated Third has proposed to host a panel, “Marketing Tools for Startups”, at this year’s DSW. Startups are often working with serious budget constraints and are challenged to do more with less, so Elevated Third is going to focus on specific tools to help make the most of a marketing budget. The session will focus on helping entrepreneurs and startups utilize specific, cost effective technologies and ultimately jumpstart a successful long-term strategy. Long-term strategies are those that are developed from a well-thought out, integrated approach that ensures every aspect of a campaign connects together. Topics that will be covered during the session include:

  • How open source technologies can be the hub of your marketing efforts

  • The specific tools you need for a robust content marketing strategy

  • How to use marketing automation techniques to generate buzz before you have a single customer

  • How to quickly test ideas and use that information to scale

  • Measurement and pivots in a marketing strategy

DSW is driven by the community so panels will be selected based on the votes and feedback. Please vote before August 1 to help pick “Marketing Tools for Startups” as a session at this year’s Denver Startup Week.