Elevated Third Launches New Company Website for Omnique

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Denver based digital agency, Elevated Third, is excited to announce the recently launched redesigned website for Omnique.

Omnique provides online management software solutions to nearly 50 automotive repair shop owners across the country. Prior to redesigning Omnique’s website, Elevated Third provided SEO services as well as a landing page design to encourage visitors to sign up for a free trial of the software.

For the new site, Omnique wanted to be able to present their content in a clear and conversational manner towards current users as well as potential customers. Elevated Third worked to create simple, representational graphics to easily communicate the features of Omnique’s online software.

Avoiding technical jargon, the content on the site features educational videos to help solidify the customer’s understanding of the benefits and the overall software. A live chat function that remains fixed to the bottom of the browser window was implemented on the site so that questions could be answered quickly and easily.

About Omnique Shop Management Software: Omnique v4.0 is the premier shop management software solution for the automotive repair industry. In 1938 when Bill Kenz and Roy Leslie started building custom V8's in their urban Denver shop the idea of a web based shop management software was science fiction. But their vision of providing auto mechanics the tools they need to distinguish themselves never wavered and, out of that vision, some 70 years later the Omnique Shop Management Software was born. 

About Elevated Third: Founded in 2005, Elevated Third is a leading digital agency located in Denver, CO that specializes in digital marketing strategy and Drupal web development for local, national and international clients. The agency continues to cultivate a number of long-term relationships with clients across the healthcare, commercial, government, educational and nonprofit industries. Elevated Third provides digital marketing solutions that integrate strategic creative with intuitive user experience. The agency also provides a variety of other services including branding, usability and SEO consultation. For more information, visit elevatedthird.com, the company's Facebook page or follow @elevatedthird on Twitter.