Elevated Third Partners with the Colorado General Assembly


Elevated Third is excited to be partnering with the Colorado General Assembly on the first phase of development of their new website.

The Colorado General Assembly (CGA), commonly known as the state legislature, consists of a Senate, House of Representatives, and four service agencies. The agencies consist of the Joint Budget Committee, Office of the State Auditor, Office of Legislative Legal Services and Legislative Council Staff. They provide research and information associated with bills––with the goal of encouraging participation and education in democracy. They assist citizens with activities such as contacting officials, accessing proposed bills, and testifying before committees. In addition, they review budgets for the agencies and oversee day-to-day activities.

Elevated Third will work with the Colorado General Assembly to create a new website that provides information about the state legislature and its support agencies. Through several discovery processes, Elevated Third will discern the important and vital information for each agency, and then integrate it into one website.

The main goal of the project is to focus on increasing transparency and access to the state legislature through creating an understandable information architecture for citizens and special interest site visitors. The simplified user experience will overhaul the complexity of the mass quantity of information available. In addition, Elevated Third will focus on helping to establish a unified brand that still allows for differentiation between agencies.

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