Elevated Third Partners with Longkai for Site Design and Launch


Elevated Third, a digital agency in Denver, is pleased to announce the launch of Longkai’s new website, Longkaigroup.com. 

Longkai, an integrated company with a 20-year history in international production and trade, recently completed a rebrand and wanted to create a new online presence. They needed a website to showcase their knowledge and expertise in a recent area of growth for the company - the real estate business. The new website needed to be sleek and polished, while also providing information for potential investors on Longkai’s real estate business, as well as their other subsidiaries.

In order to accomplish the objectives of the new site, Elevated Third designed the site around the imagery used to capture Longkai’s projects. The digital agency used images that spanned the full width of the page as a way to demonstrate the remarkable scale of projects they are involved in. To accommodate all of Longkai’s audiences, each page of the site’s content was translated into Chinese.

Want to get a more technical look inside this site? Check out our site profile on the Longkai Group

About Longkai: In recent years, as part of the company’s growth and diversification, LONGKAI entered the commercial real estate development business. They establish joint ventures with domestic partners in order to acquire and develop high-end properties in China. Currently, they specialize in the development of shopping centers but have the capability to build other structures. LONGKAI’s investment projects start in the $1-2 billion range, and partnerships are expected to be long term and offer large returns. Today, the company is involved in multiple subsidiaries including; international trade, manufacturing, real estate and investments.  

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