Elevated Third Prepares for Office Move


Welcome to the Ninth Floor

Elevated Third is excited to announce that we are going to be moving to a new office on the ninth floor of 535 16th Street in the Masonic Building, across from Denver Pavilions. Our expected move-in will take place in late December before 2015 begins.  



Our new office will be twice as large as our current office at the corner of 18th and Lawrence, coming in at 8400 square feet and allowing our company to have the room we need to expand in both team members and ideas.

The growth of our company has come full circle—Elevated Third’s first office as a young startup was in this same building, in a mere 200 square foot office at the Bard Center incubator program in the CU Business School. Now we will be taking the whole top floor. The new space will allow for more conference rooms (six instead of our current two).

We are currently renovating the new office to include a large, completely glass-walled conference room in the center of the office, with five other, smaller conference rooms. Additionally, we will be hosting an inter-office collaboration, where Elevated Third team members will split up into six groups and then each design a conference room. And of course, our famous foosball table will be joining us in our new office for continued Friday tournaments.

Elevated Third is extremely excited for the move and growth that this new office will allow. These past 10 years have seen a vast amount of growth and developmentand we can’t wait to see what the next 10 will bring!