Elevated Third Selected As Web Strategy Partner for Audio Information Network of Colorado

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Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) chose Elevated Third, a Denver interactive agency, to be their web strategy partner.

AINC provides free audio access to print media for the visually impaired. The agency will work with AINC to develop a comprehensive online marketing plan that will increase AINC’s web presence.

Elevated Third’s first priority is to redesign AINC’s website, utilizing the latest and most effective web technologies, namely Drupal, the popular open-source content management system, as the website’s framework. This will allow greater flexibility for AINC’s staff to update and change their website without the constant need of a professional web developer. AINC’s website will boast screen reader accessibility, a software application that attempts to identify and interpret what is displayed on the computer screen for those in need. The new website is expected to go live in early summer 2012.

Jeff Calderone, owner and principal of Elevated Third, sits on the AINC board and is eager to get Elevated Third involved with the organization. “It is a very worthwhile non-profit and there a number of new technologies we can implement that will benefit their customers,” Calderone said.

Along with a new website, Elevated Third’s online marketing plan will entail a comprehensive content strategy with components that may include a blog, a social media plan, a press release schedule and reworking copy on the website. Elevated Third wants AINC to better engage with their current and potential audience while at the same time increasing their visibility in search engines and the media.

About AINC: Founded by David Dawson in 1990, the Audio Information Network of Colorado provides free audio access to newspapers, magazines, and other print materials to blind, visually impaired and print disabled people in Colorado. Their recordings are made possible by over 300 volunteers and strong partnerships with supportive organizations throughout the state.

About Elevated Third: What began as a two-person web design shop in 2005 has grown into one of Denver’s premier interactive agencies. Elevated Third offers web designweb development, search engine marketing, content strategy and brand development services.