Elevated Third Wins Barber-Nichols Website Business


Barber-Nichols, a specialty turbomachinery company based in Arvada, Colorado has selected Elevated Third to design and program their new website. 

The design of the site will be created by Elevated Third’s lead designer Judd Mercer and programmed by the Elevated Third development team. The goal of the new site will be to help customers understand that Barber-Nichols can not only design specialty turbomachinery but they can also take it through production as well.

The site will be built using Drupal, an open-source content management system, and Elevated Third will also perform search engine optimization analysis. Included in this will be complete on-page optimization for the new site and competition analysis to determine not only the keywords they can rank well for but also the keywords that will drive relevant traffic to their site.

About Barber-Nichols: Founded in 1966 by Bob Barber and Ken Nichols, Barber-Nichols specializes in the design, engineering and production of specialty turbomachinery. Products include blowers, compressors, fans, pumps, and turbines for aeronautic, cryogenic, defense, power generation, space flight, and other commercial/industrial applications.