Elevated Third Wins Two W3 Silver Awards


We are excited to announce that Elevated Third has earned two silver W3 Awards, recognizing creativity on the web for our projects with Colorado PERA and Summit Materials. 

“The W3 Awards honors creative excellence on the Web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning Websites, Web Video and Online Marketing programs…. The W3 Awards is sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals from a "Who's Who" of acclaimed media, advertising, and marketing firms.” - W3 Website

Summit Materials

Summit Materials acquires and grows heavy-side building materials companies in the aggregates, ready-mix concrete, cement, asphalt paving, and construction industries. They are committed to enabling these companies to grow by infusing capital, implementing best practices, and ensuring a safe and socially conscious work environment. 

Summit Materials came to Elevated Third with little branding and no web presence, and a billion of dollars of assets under their belt. Starting from scratch, Elevated Third gathered employee and subsidiary owner’s stories and insights to produce an entirely new digital brand and web presence, designed from the ground up. The Drupal website we developed for Summit Materials is a sophisticated platform that keeps pace with the company’s aggressive growth. 




Colorado PERA 

The Colorado PERA provides retirement benefits for hardworking people who provide valuable services to all of Colorado, such as former teachers, State Troopers, correction officers, and other public employees. 

Elevated Third worked with Colorado PERA to create a brand new website and digital experience to cater to brand new employees, such as new grads entering the workforce, and to veterans on the verge of retirement. Given that PERA members could be 18 to 55, we worked with the PERA support team to gain a better understanding of typical requests and designed short-cut features to allow members easy access to common tools while promoting PERA’s less obvious services. The resulting website is a responsive tool to help PERA content administrators better communicate their messages through a news hub that integrates with blogs, publications, and social media.