Elevated Third’s CEO Featured as Drupal Expert


Elevated Third’s CEO, Jeff Calderone, recently shared his insights with Clutch on Drupal, how to choose a platform and how to choose the right web developers to build your website. This is part of a series of interviews that Clutch has been conducting to educate businesses on the options they have when building a website.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews website that ranks digital agencies to help business buyers choose the best partner for their next dev project. We’re currently ranked as a top 5 Drupal Development firm and a top 5 Denver web designer in their research.

Drupal is one of the most popular opensource CMSs. Its community of developers ensures that the platforms continues to evolve and improve. According to Jeff:

“Drupal is great because it gives you a lot of functionality out of the box, the core functionality that’s been built by thousands of developers over time. It’s really solid, tested, and secure. The modules that are created by the community are really where the power comes and where it stands out. We can start with a key suite of modules and core functionality and often get our clients 60-70% of the way to where they want to go, but then be confident that we can build custom modules and functionality to get them the rest of the way, and oftentimes, replicate the functionality of a fully custom website for much less because we’re using the opensource community that has created all this functionality over time.”

Each business has different needs for their website. When it comes to choosing a website platform, Jeff offered:

“Especially if they’re in the B2B space and have that longer sales cycle, I think they need to pick a platform that is going to be able to grow with them and integrate with their existing legacy systems as well as connect with marketing automation and Salesforce and CRM in a way that is user proof. Personalization is coming. Voice activation is coming. All of those exist in some form already. Building on a platform like Drupal allows you to get something up and running quickly and be modular both now and in the future and add onto a solid core as these technologies and trends become actual.”

Another challenge that companies face is choosing the right partner for their project. According to Jeff the key to finding the right company is:

“Focusing on an agency that’s going to understand your business and solve the right problem as opposed to just developers who are going to build what they’re told to build… There are a lot of shops that have good developers that will build whatever you tell them to. We focus on providing that strategic insight. Half our agency is strategy and UX and design and helping the company to solve the right problem trusting that the other side of our shop, the Drupal developers, can implement and build those things that we recommend… It’s key to have that integrated approach and not just one or the other.”

If your business goals and website requirements are planned out early on, choosing the right platform and partner for your company will be simple. To learn more about Drupal, you can read the full interview here.