EUREKA Network on Drupal and the Importance of Data


Drupal Case Study: EUREKA Network

In this Drupal case study, the website EUREKA Network works to allow businesses to make their R&D holdings into real projects. EUREKA chose Drupal for their new website because of Drupal’s custom media CMS functions while being cost-effective and able to evolve over time. The main goals of the EUREKA Network site redesign were improved information architecture, minimal technical know-how for the website creation and responsive design.


For B2Bs, Webinars Are a Winning Tactic

Trying to up your B2B company’s leads? Look no further. According to this eMarketer study, webinars are second only to videos for content marketing efficiency. Despite the apparent high rate of efficacy among businesses, last year only saw 20% of US marketing executives turn to this method of content marketing. Other good methods for B2Bs include case studies, blogs and infographics.  


Percent of Revenue ROI that US Marketers Are Seeing from Real-Time Marketing

According to this eMarketer study by analytics company Wayin, the majority of real-time marketers see around 26-50% of revenue ROI from their methods. Many respondents in this study work for brands, but other marketers included positions at nonprofits, media and publishing, agencies, sports and others. Wayin also conducted the study, Tactics that Are Included in Their Real-Time Marketing Strategy According to US Marketers. According to the respondents, marketing automation was the most popular real-time marketing strategy, closely followed by different uses of social media.


Integrated Digital Marketing A Digital Imperative

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We have all seen how the digital marketing front has evolved in the last decade––even the last two years. Who would have thought in the beginning years of Facebook that this would be a platform to which so many businesses would turn? This recent article discusses why social media––and other forms of digital marketing––are all integral to reaching the consumer. In 2015, the customer or client’s experience is digital, and marketing needs to reflect that to stay afloat. One of the many good things about digital is the fact that many of its interactions are quantifiable, which more easily allows marketers to use and understand their data. The important part is that they know how to build off their analytics.