An Event Apart Review, Minneapolis 2010

Concept Map

A picture of Minneapolis's famed Mill District

I had never been to Minneapolis, but it was strange how much it was like Denver and Omaha mixed together. The architecture, especially near the river, was so similar I kept forgetting where I was. Minneapolis was host to one of this years An Event Apart web conference and was a great way to catch up on current trends and get inspired.

The Setup

The conference was hosted at the Hilton, a very spacious hotel downtown. Fantastic breakfast and lunches were provided and great snacks were provided during the short breaks between talks. However, I don't think the hotel staff truly grasped the level of nerdom that was to descend upon them and could not scrounge up IP addresses fast enough. With people having laptops, phones, tablets, etc, it was hard to get a strong signal out to chat with the folks back home or tweet responses to the speakers, but that was really the only downside I can think of. Oh, and no free wi-fi in the hotel, although they did comp us the daily charge.