Judd Mercer Joins Drupal Marketing and Branding Committee


Elevated Third is proud to announce that Creative Director Judd Mercer will be joining the Drupal Association Marketing & Branding Committee.

At the forefront of every move the Drupal Association Marketing & Branding Committee makes is the acceleration of the adoption of Drupal across the world. Five members compose the committee, one of whom is on the Drupal Association Board of Directors or the Advisory Board. All committee members serve for a 12 month period.

The committee’s missions focus on the support, marketing and promotion of the Drupal project for non-Drupal developers, CMOs and other project owners. It is vital that the committee maintains an active stance as an open-source project while continuing to communicate the assets of Drupal to the community at large.

Some of the projects that the committee is working on center around branding, research and infrastructure. The research projects ensure an understanding of the latest market research and trends, allowing Drupal to remain informed and in the front of the pack. Branding focuses on coordinating efforts surrounding the logo and other methods of advertising while infrastructure ensures that all Drupal marketing campaigns stay organized and concentrated on the central goal of the committee.

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