Kobler & Partner Case Study and a New Acquia Partnership With VML


What’s everyone talking about this week? Catch up on this week’s trending topics including a Drupal case study from Kobler & Partner, a new Acquia partnership and a Salesforce unveiling.

Kobler & Partner Case Study

German mountaineering agency Kobler and Partner recently released a Drupal Case Study discussing their reasons for choosing Drupal for their new website. They looked for a node-based CMS allowed an interconnected architecture between the different sections of their website, like travel, locations and more, because their previous CMS was entirely page-based.

Acquia and VML Partnership

Acquia, a digital innovation platform, recently announced a sports partnership with agency VML. VML and Acquia are partnering to provide a branded Drupal distribution that brings together sports news, stats, streaming media, fantasy sports and more. This bundling will include an integration with a media asset manager, tools to automate content import, social sign-on, sharing and publishing, analytics and an SEO-friendly architecture.

Salesforce Unveils Service Cloud Intelligence Engine

Salesforce, a CRM company, recently unveiled the Salesforce Service Cloud Intelligence Engine—an additional layer of intelligence in the Service Cloud that works to use date science to improve customer service. This engine will use data to assign leads and cases to agents based on a variety of factors to maximize productivity and positive outcomes.  

Speak Your CFO's Language: 3 Ways to Explain Inbound Marketing's Value

Inbound marketing strategies can be really exciting for content marketers, but these developments should be explained to those not privy to content marketing’s benefits. This short guide from Hubspot gives some advice for easily explaining the value of inbound marketing to those in your company who may not agree with its potential.  

LinkedIn Buys Careerify

Another acquisition has been made by LinkedIn for the Toronto-based startup Careerify. The startup focuses on creating software for business hiring usage. Two of Careerify’s three products will be closed down, and one will be kept open, but not taking on new users. No announcements have been made regarding how LinkedIn will evolve these products.

What’s Helping––and––Hurting B2B Innovation

eMarketer has found that there is a variety of contributing factors for how innovation can be promoted or stymied in the workplace. Some barriers to new ideas were felt to be a traditional mindset, risk aversion, low tolerance for failure and high barrier between teams. But on the positive end, eMarketer found that leadership commitment, a customer-centric focus, technology for collaboration and incentives all worked to fuel the fire on innovation.

2015 State of Email: The Email Marketer’s Guide to Creating Successful Campaigns

This past year brought some more changes to the world of email marketing. From the increasing popularity of phablets to redesigned email platforms, Litmus provides an in-depth look at what is changing and how it will affect your email marketing.