Lead Generation and Common Marketing Mistakes


For Lead Generation, B2Bs Choose Quality Over Quantity

What is your main objective for your lead generation strategy? According to this recent eMarketer study, if you work in B2B, it’s probably improving the quality of your leads. Interestingly enough, B2B companies were more concerned about the quality of leads rather than the volume of leads. The top three methods for improving lead generation were email and website marketing, landing page marketing and content marketing. While the former two are considered relatively simple, the latter is considered very difficult. Other important objectives for lead generation included increasing sales revenue and improving ROI measurability.


The Eight Most Common Mistakes Marketers Make

Are you making an easy mistake in your marketing? This recent CMO.com article compiled several of the most common marketing mistakes and gave suggestions for how to fix these issues that could be affecting your leads or ROI. One of these errors is guessing what your customers or clients want, based on what you as a marketer want. These kind of assumptions can lead to great error and a loss of leads. Another major mistake is focusing on features. The people who use your product or service don’t care about the features––they care about how these features can make their experience better. Lastly, another important error that can be made is making the product the hero, not the client.


Today’s Biggest Content Marketing Challenge (And How to Overcome It)

HubSpot has decided––the biggest challenge to your content marketing is producing engaging content. In previous year’s surveys, this is oft a challenge that marketing faces. So how does one combat this? Research is a vital part of creating content that engages. You simply can’t guess what people want, because you will be wrong. Not some of the time, but all of the time. There are four main areas to research: audience, media, trends and competition. By creating a solid research foundation, any marketer can create the content that your followers want to read. Backed by the right research, your path will be much clearer.