Lead Nurturing and Video Content Trends


B2B Lead Nurture Campaigns Improve Personalization, Targeting

Building off of last week’s digital marketing blog that also discussed personalization, eMarketer happened to release a second study on the benefits of lead nurturing as an integral goal of targeting. The eMarketer chart depicts the success of lead-nurturing campaigns as the success of targeting and personalization. “Nearly six in 10 B2B marketers said the ability to segment prospects based on interests and behaviors was a benefit of lead nurture programs,” eMarketer states. The leading channel for lead-nurturing programs was email, as 94% of marketers have stated that they have used it for leads and personalization. 


10 Lead Generation Ideas for B2B Marketers

What kind of lead generation tactics do you use? This recent Business 2 Community blog discusses several different tried and true methods. While some of these ideas are well-known tactics (blog writing, anyone?), other ideas are small tweaks that can make a huge difference. Not many businesses may think about how clear their CTAs are you users. Is there a way to simplify? If so, you should probably do it. The same goes for web forms. Can you shorten it? You should.  While these are all good tactics for improving both lead quality and quantity, don’t be afraid to try out something new that fits your brand.


These Are the Top 6 Trends Shaping Video Content Today

There isn’t a question that video is becoming an even more important part of digital marketing each day. So what can you do to capitalize upon this kind of content? A new Adweek article runs through some of the top trends that brands are using to keep viewers engaged. One important trend is front-loading a video’s content. Since a user usually decides pretty early in a video if they are going to continue watching it, it’s important to capture someone’s attention immediately. Other ways to keep a user's attention is the use of gifs (they don’t even have to watch the video) and making content with a cause (reminiscent of the Always #LikeAGirl Super Bowl commercial). Gifs are fun ways to keep the audience engaged without having to listen to sound while videos with a purpose make people feel good for watching and associate your brand with a good cause.