Live tweets, posts, and hashtags at DrupalCon 2017

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DrupalCon 2017 is quickly approaching, and the Elevated Third team is preparing for our biggest year yet. At DrupalCon 2017 there will be more attendees, from more countries than ever before. We are jumping in with both feet and bringing a quarter of our team to Baltimore to ensure the worldly Drupal community knows what we’re all about.

Among partner sessions and a wealth of celebrity speakers, our team will be presenting 4 sessions to attendees from over 200 countries.

With all of the buzz around DrupalCon 2017, we want to give you a unique look inside the conference and provide you backstage access to the best training courses, keynotes, and speaking sessions.

Throughout DrupalCon week we will be live tweeting during sessions so you won’t miss a beat. We will give our take on features and releases, providing insider knowledge and expertise. You will be able to explore the Elevated Third booth, meet with our partners, and chat with our 2 certified Grand Masters.

Be sure to follow us on our social media channels to get the latest DrupalCon updates and see all the fun we have presenting our take!

DrupalCon 2017 is stocked full of energy, and as we gear for Baltimore, we are getting excited for a few things in particular.


We’ll give you the inside scoop on:

  • New additions to the Drupal core and how to leverage new modules to help our clients

  • The state of open source and the opportunities for growth in headless Drupal applications

  • How data and KPIs are driving Drupal website decisions

  • How agencies from across the world are positioning Drupal and selling their agency value to companies ranging from nonprofits to enterprise Fortune 500 companies

  • Agency workflow methodologies and helping to learn new ways to streamline communication to benefit our client projects


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