Looking Forward to Portlandia

I'm excited that this year's Drupalcon features a complete set of UX sessions that cater to those of us not on the development side of Drupal. We on the planning, design and content creation side of the Drupal pond have typically had few gems in terms of interesting DrupalCon UX talks, being occasionaly subjected to server optimization methods and hook-alter tricks.

This year changes that's changing with a whole set of talks about UX considerations. What better way to talk about the ones I'm most interested in than making comparative references to Portflandia episodes for each, in no particular order:

UX Under Fire

Hosted by Jakob Persson, this talk is about the difficulty communicating the value that UX provides, and financial benefit that increased usability can deliver. As the image suggests, to a customer that only values slick visual design or cool technical features, selling UX can be a difficult proposition. I'm looking forward to hearing the pitch and hearing the gospel of UX.

Content Strategy: The RPG

This is probably the session I am most looking forward to (being somewhat of an RPG buff and an aspiring writer). I'm interested to see how Relly Annett-Baker translate the process of planning, executing and maintaining content as the hero Content Strategist. Only someone who is genuine 100% nerd would dare give a talk like this to a Drupalcon. I plan to grill Ms. Annett-Bakre with skill-tree related questions to ensure her authenticity.

Responsive Discovery

Steve Fisher's talk on responsive design can only equate to Fred and Carrie's MindFi spot. We've wholeheartedly embraced responsive design as a practical way to handle device support, but it's not without its drawbacks. A more invovled process with (literally) more moving parts can increase the time and budget required to complete the project, but from what we've seen it has proven to be the best way to future-proof websites fo anything (including MindFi).

There are a lot more UX sessions that I'm looking forward to, as well as the rain and some bad coffee shop art, too. Drupalcon Portland here we come!