Many Hats: Adapting and Growing in a Digital Agency


I am a part of an agency. A place where we’re in the business of making your business our business. We strive to explore and communicate your identity while also defining our own. In the process of immersing ourselves in your industry, we must push the limits of our own. This tightrope-walk demands that we wear many hats to accommodate various clients and internal initiatives.

After graduation, I left marketing and PR internships in the music industry to pursue an occupation I didn’t yet know. All I knew was that I wanted a fast-paced, young-minded work environment similar to the one I came to love while interning. A wise marketing veteran recommended agency life to me, so I began by exploring the key players in Denver, interviewed countless local professionals and applied.

Elevated Third embraced my international affairs degree, as well and my experience interning in music, and welcomed me to the team. Since my first day, I haven’t stopped learning. Accustomed to wearing many hats as an intern, I jumped right in, lending a hand and taking notes whenever and wherever I could. At the time, we were a team of 11. Every day, it was all hands on deck. I was hired as a marketing coordinator, but soon learned that this meant something different each day of the week. Having an ambiguous position allowed me to learn about the company from the ground up. Order lunch? No problem. Manage nonprofit clients? Alrighty. Plan a trade show exhibit? I’ll do my darndest.

I joined the intricacies of Elevated Third at an explosive time in the agency’s history. We’ve doubled in size over the past year and half, both in staff and in caliber of work. I feel as though I’ve experienced many years’ worth of a career in the past two years. My title has changed from Marketing Coordinator to Business Development, and, though the number of hats I wear has slowly dwindled, I still perform bi-monthly trips to Costco for office snacks.

When I came to Elevated Third, my intern experience had been the largest part of my professional identity. I came to the agency environment for a challenge and to widen my horizons. So working within an agency became my new professional identity. As my role became more clearly defined, I learned that it wasn’t music or web design that stimulated me. The common denominator was my passion for wearing many hats. My hat is diversity as accompanied by a youthful workplace.

As humans (especially young ones), we are curious. It’s okay to wear many hats. It allows us to form a more intimate relationship with the organization you spend 40% of your waking life at. Our agency is full of many-hatted employees, making us adept at solving truly unique problems.