Mind-Blowing Programmatic Advertising, Marketing Automation For Leads and Alevri’s Drupal Case Study


What’s everyone talking about this week? Catch up on this week’s trending topics in B2B digital marketing and Drupal.

Drupal Case Study: Alevri

This Drupal case study discusses the reasons the Greek site Alevri, which is the official recipe site of Loulis Mills S.A. Company, chose Drupal as their CMS. With Drupal, Alevri was able to create a “Cook With What You Have in Your Pantry” section, where users would enter ingredients into a search bar, and the site would come up with recipes containing those ingredients. Another important feature that Alevri was able to add using Drupal was the “Material Converter,” which easily allows users to convert an ingredient into different units of measurement.

15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Programmatic Advertising

In this article, CMO.com has compiled a list of surprising facts about automated marketing on mediums including video, social media, search and TV. Some interesting facts include: only 27% of executives have bought automated mobile ads, and mobile accounted for 44% of all US programmatic display ad spending. Read more of the article to see predictions for programmatic advertising in the coming years, and check out this blog to find out more about the future of design and programmatic creative coexistence. 

How Automation Will Change Content and Native Ads

According to this eMarketer study, content marketing and native advertising are expected to make the greatest leaps in digital marketing use in the near future, but first, marketers must overcome various inefficiencies, such as measurement and targeting. Adoption of tools for marketing automation remains relatively low for marketers in the US, but at the beginning of 2015, six out of 10 marketers expressed desire in improving their marketing technology.

Why Do B2Bs Use Marketing Automation? Leads, Leads, Leads

While the above article discusses how low marketing automation adoption is, this eMarketer study finds that its highest usage is among B2B marketers. This number has also significantly increased over a few months––November 2014 had 55% usage, but by April 2015, that number is up to 79%. When asked by B2B businesses what the benefits of marketing automation were, 84% agreed on increased lead generation. Looking to find out more about marketing automation with Drupal? We've got you covered