New Version of Protoshare (With Video!)


For a few years now we've used Protoshare as our wireframing/IA tool of choice and with the latest release the web-app has really grown in to a robust, full-featured tool.  There are a couple really stand out features that make construcitng wireframes much faster,  and after a week of building wireframes for a new client I can say hands-down the overall experience of using Protoshare is 1000 times better that it was before.


First and foremost, the new version is FAST.  Before I would almost approach the wireframing phase of our process with fingers crossed due to the occasional extreme performance issues and lag within the browser, but the new version feels light and responsive – AND it works in Firefox, now, not only Chrome.

The protoshare interfaceTabs!

The best new feature by far is the tabbed UI, which enables you to jump between open wireframes within the same browser window.  This also allows you to copy and paste between wireframes (so long, clippings!) making simlar-yet-slightly-different pages a breeze to create.  There appears to be some aggressive caching but once you figure out when a refresh is needed (navigation changes) it's perfectly fine and is a great feature to have.


The protoshare Rich Text InterfaceMore Attributes

Some nice CSS3-ish features have been added to give components rounded corners, transparency and drop shadows which in combination are great tools for describing rich-UI features like popups and dialog boxes.

Protoshare Context Menures

Context Menus

The interface has been further improved by using application-like dialog boxes for component options for alignment, positioning and other information.  The alignment shortcut keys are also extremely handy for locking elements to a grid to create a organized look.

What Does All This Mean?

All the recent improvements to Protoshare means we can construct website wireframes even quicker than before, allowing us to spend more time reviewing and collaborating on designs and making on-the-fly changes as we go, rather than spending hours and hours contructing inflexible old-school paper/illustrator mockups.  Faster, easier and more efficient – that's the Elevated Third way.