Elevated Third Launches New Website for Global Livingston Institute


Elevated Third, a leading digital marketing agency in Denver, this month announced the launch of a new website for Colorado-based nonprofit Global Livingston Institute (GLI). The site features distinctive logo design and branding, dynamic back-end functionality and insightful UX— all supported by the Drupal CMS, and all purposed to effectively serve the nonprofit’s needs online.

“We are fortunate to have a Colorado company like Elevated Third that is willing to donate their time and creative resources to impact change,” comments Jamie Van Leeuwen, GLI founder. “Our new interactive website will be an asset to all the communities we serve in Africa, as well as to our supporters around the world.”

The digital agency created a dynamic site with two distinct functions. Foremost, GLI needed an applicant-facing portal to allow for interested participants to apply to GLI’s trips abroad. The portal walks individuals through each step of the application process, and allows each user to track his or her immunization and passport confirmation. After a trip ends, travellers are able to upload and share photos from their trip to their specific user profile. The site also stands as a public-facing information hub to exhibit GLI’s mission, trip resources and other information surrounding its initiatives and processes.

While Elevated Third specializes in Drupal web development, the digital agency is full-service, with its in-house team of experienced web designers, creatives and digital strategy professionals. The agency continues to grow in both staff and workload, and recently began work with Colorado-nonprofit Project C.U.R.E. during late summer of this year.

About Global Livingston Institute: Based in Denver, Colorado, GLI is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire community leaders and students by exposing them to the poverty, lifestyle, government and challenges that exist in East African nations by organizing trips to the region to work with fellow nonprofit organization, Come Let’s Dance (CLD). GLI explores CLD's mission to empower at-risk youth in order to enable the future generation of leaders to provide a more stable and hopeful future for Africa. GLI’s goal is for their participants to bring ideas home with them that will improve their lives and their communities. Currently, GLI provides two to three trips to East Africa per year. For more information, visit globallivingston.org.

About Elevated Third: Founded in 2005, Elevated Third is a leading digital agency in Denver, Colorado. Through its unique combination of user-centered creative and open-source technology, Elevated Third is recognized for its digital marketing solutions that integrate intuitive user experience design using Drupal. The agency provides a variety of other award-winning services, including branding, as well as usability and SEO consulting. For more information, follow @elevatedthird.