NFI Retains Elevated Third for Search Engine Marketing


Elevated Third, a Denver interactive agency, has been retained by NFI for another year to manage the pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization for the Cherry Hill, NJ trucking and supply chain logistics company.

Elevated Third will aim to improve the successful pay-per-click advertising campaign that they have previously been managing for NFI. Elevated Third will also create and maintain new campaigns for two additional websites, NFI Canada and NFI Trailer Leasing. In addition to PPC, Elevated Third will now handle all search engine optimization for NFI, aiming to increase search engine rankings for target keywords across NFI's multiple web properties.

About NFI: Founded in 1932, NFI is a family-owned supply chain and logistics company headquarted in Cherry Hill, NJ. As a leader in logistics in North America, NFI offers transportation, logistics, warehousing, commercial real estate and more.