Our Fresh Batch of Acquia-Certified Developers


After a week-long stint in LA, at this year’s Drupalcon, we’re proud to announce a slew of new Acquia certifications, bringing the development team up to a total of 7 Acquia certified developers, including two Grand Masters.

Despite being a relatively new program, the certifications are a great way for Drupal developers to test their mettle and gain a little more street cred. It’s currently the only certification program available for Drupal development, testing knowledge that comes with real-life experience forged in the fires of the Drucible.

Our Technical Director, Mike, said it well.

"As a developer, many of the problems you solve on a daily basis involve reading documentation, looking through old code, scouring the internet, learning something new, or relearning something of old. The Acquia certification did a great job of asking questions that qualify your experience and expertise, not ones that qualify purely your ability to memorize API's."

Oh, and did we mention he’s also one of our two newly-certified Grand Masters? Not familiar with the title? It’s the newest distinction available through the Acquia certification program and signifies the completion of the Certified Developer, Front-End Specialist and Back-End Specialist exams in the 2014-2015 time period, basically a glutton for punishment. There are currently only about 30 Grand Masters in the world and two of them report to Elevated Third.

Acquia certification is good for more than just bragging rights though -- it’s a great way to vet a developer’s knowledge of Drupal. There are plenty of great developers without the certification, but a certified developer is set apart by a base knowledge that can be easily quantified.

After passing the Certified Developer and Back end Specialist exams, our own Gabe Sullice, had this to say:

"The Acquia certification definitely conveys a sense of professionalism to our clients ... The exam places an emphasis on Drupal coding standards and best practices, many of which have security implications and ensure that maintenance costs can be kept low ... The certification also ensures a developer can quickly and fluently diagnose Drupal-specific issues, making them more valuable to their peers and to their clients."

Without further adieu, take a look at the full list of our newly-certified developers:

  • Mike - Grand Master (Certified Developer, Back End Specialist, Front End Specialist)
  • Nick - Grand Master (Certified Developer, Back End Specialist, Front End Specialist)
  • Gabe - Certified Developer and Back End Specialist
  • Tanner - Certified Developer

You can see a full list of certified developers in Denver at the Acquia Certification Registry, or keep up to speed with all of the Grand Masters at the exclusive Grand Master Registry.

The Acquia Certified Professional program was created by Acquia, a software-as-a-service company co-founded by Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson. With a constantly growing need for more complex Drupal installations, the program aims to provide a way for businesses to validate the skills and knowledge of developers they may be considering hiring.