Quick and Easy Google Analytics Tips


Who doesn’t love Google Anayltics?

Well here are some easy tips to be able to analyze your website analytics.

Create Annotate Notes. Many of you are probably wondering what I am talking about, but this will help tremendously. When you look back on 6 months of statistics or maybe even last month and see high traffic days then low traffic days, do you have any idea why those were happening? If you add in an annotate note you can easily select the day and leave yourself a note of what happened to spike traffic. For example, maybe your company was in the news so over the course of a week your website saw a huge spike. Maybe you did some additional tweets about the website and saw a mild spike. Either way, this is very helpful to be able to look back and see what happened. To set it up, you simply go into the visitors, hover over the date you want, and the option to add an annotate appears. Simple as that! It also follows that date throughout your data so if you go to other sections within analytics you can be reminded of that date.

Comparing Data. Ever thought about if that extra marketing budget was helping this year versus last year? You can compare it! Analytics allows you to see the trends for 2 different periods of time. This is very helpful to see if you recently started additional marketing, PR or advertising. Compare how many new visitors are finding your site. Did your site just have a redesign? You can compare everything down to bounce rate, referring sites, where people are clicking within the site. When you are putting in the date range there is a little button below that says compare to past and that’s it.

Custom Reports. These can be as simple or as difficult as you would like to set them up and they are so easy to use. Here is a screen shot of what the interface looks like.

A photo of the Google Analytics Custom Reports Interface

For example you can see who are true organic visitors to your site if you take out your brand from keywords, direct traffic, and pay per click results. It’s interesting to see the keywords that customers are using to find your site. Or maybe you want to evaluate your Pay Per Click campaign, you can filter by hour of day and how many clicks your ads get to figure out the most optimal times Don’t be intimidated by the report, it is a very useful too. The custom report button is on the left hand navigation.

Last tip, make sure you filter IP addresses. This tip is sometimes easily overlooked, but can make a huge difference on your site’s statistics. Find your static IP address and then set up a filter so your traffic and your company’s traffic won’t show up on your analytics. To do this go into the settings and assign filter settings.

These are helpful and quick tips that will make your job easier when looking at analytics.