Rejuvenate in 8


Sometimes, we get so busy with day-to-day work and activities that it is easy to forget to take care of yourself. These tips are meant to encourage you to improve your personal energy and bring a positive experience to your work place. See how we roll here at Elevated Third and learn about some of our favorite local connections!

1. Get More ZzZ’s, Teas and Vitamin B’s - Boost your energy levels at work by getting a full 7-8 hours of sleep per night, and starting the day with a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and fruit or a whole wheat bagel. Switch to tea instead of coffee for that afternoon pick-me-up at work and choose vitamin packed snacks like nuts, fruit and yogurt.
What's for lunch? If you haven't experienced the office favorite, Green Fine Salad Co., you need to! 

2. Create Your Environment - Take time to personalize your workspace and encourage your creative vibes to flow by adding elements that make you feel comfortable. Photos of loved ones, inspirational quotes, action figures or artwork are just a few ideas. Here at Elevated Third we have a plethora of plants to keep our Zen in check.
Need some life in your office? Talk to the experts at Paulino Gardens.

3. You DO Have Time for Fitness - Fitting in a workout to our busy schedules can be challenging, but physical activity is key for having more energy, releasing stress and feeling confident. Make time in the morning for a jog, run the stairs and throw in some squats and pushups on your lunch hour, or hit your favorite circuit class after work. Find something you enjoy doing and make it a top priority on your agenda.
Favorite Lunch Hour Workout Spot: Bonza Bodies on 17th and Glenarm offers small group, personalized training that is guaranteed to leave you feeling pumped up!

4. Stressed Out? - Stop stress before it starts by taking time to be prepared for anything and organizing your thoughts. Remember to take a moment to regain your momentum by going for a walk, taking deep breaths or simply reminding yourself to laugh.
Tone it Down: Stream local artist Nathaniel Rateliff through your headphones for a change of pace.

Dry Erase Wall

5. Draw Something - Take your fingertip drawing “skills” to the next level by incorporating this creative solution at the workplace. Grab a pen and paper to brainstorm or map out ideas for your next project. Impress clients with a dry erase wall during presentations for notes, edits or direction.

6. Give Thanks! - Taking the time to show appreciation to your co-workers and clients is vital in creating lasting relationships and happy faces. In fast-paced environments, we forget how meaningful a simple ‘thank you’ or note can be.
Need a gift idea for your female partner in crime? - Moondance Botanicals offers rejuvenating spa treatments and ‘desk-relief’ packages.

Read a Book

7. Read A Book - It seems like a simple concept, right? Separating from your computer to read a book about trends in technology or the future of mobile design can spark ideas and generate new conversations. Some of our CEO’s favorites: Made to Stick, Purple Cow and E-Myth


8. Get Together - Bonding with your co-workers is easier than you think, as long as what you are doing is enjoyable. Make an effort to grab coffee together, play a game of Foosball or rent B-cycles and cruise to happy hour after work. Every Friday, we take turns discussing topics that are interesting to us and related to our industry.