Seeing Record Growth In Clients, Revenue & Staff in 2011

Denver interactive agency Elevated Third is celebrating its most successful year as an agency, seeing its staff nearly double, their client list expanding and revenue increase by nearly 85% over the previous year

Longtime advocates of Drupal, the open-source content management system, Elevated Third focused on enhancing and expanding their Drupal development capabilities in 2011. The agency landed clients with a need for more complex enterprise-level web solutions. To respond to this demand, the agency attracted some of the top Drupal development talent in the region, adding developers Jonathan Baker and Joe Flores to the staff. Some of the new clients the agency attracted include Aimco, a real-estate investment trust that owns and operates apartment properties in 38 states; NexGen storage, a provider of data storage and virtualization solutions and Ubee, a multi-national manufacturer of broadband products.

With newer, more complex accounts, Elevated Third also needed to increase its account management capacity. Amanda Gaube was hired early in the year and in the fall the agency added Kendall Kassner, both bringing extensive account management and web strategy knowledge from their experiences at other Denver firms. The new talent in account management and development has allowed Elevated Third to meet the needs of their new clients but also to increase and build on their relationships with some of their longtime clients, including American Residential Communities, NFI and Sprint Nextel.

“It has been really important for us to continually find and attract the right talent in order to grow this last year,” said owner/Principal Jeff Calderone.  “The Net Promoter Score survey we do every six months tells us that we are continuing our very high standard and even improved this last year.”

Additionally, the agency hired Megan Paladino in the spring to take control of their marketing and social media presence. Paladino also assists Calderone with new business acquisition and serves as an account manager for the agency’s pro-bono projects. This year Elevated Third began working with the Prodigal Son Initiative, an organization working to improve the lives of at-risk youth in Denver, and the Global Livingston Institute, an organization that looks to spark local change by exposing educators, community leaders and students to the life and challenges in war-torn countries in Africa. Elevated Third also continued their sponsorship of Step Up For Cancer, an organization that holds an annual running event to raise money in the fight against cancer. They look forward to continuing their relationship with these charities in 2012.

Not only did Elevated Third give back to their community this year but they also began giving back to their industry. In early 2011, the official Denver launch party for Drupal 7, the latest and most advanced version of the company’s preferred CMS, was held at their Lodo office. To end the year, the agency held an event for current and former clients who wanted to learn more about the basics of pay-per-click advertising and how it can help their businesses. The event was the first in what the agency hopes to be a regular series, continuing throughout 2012 and covering other topics related to Elevated Third’s web and content strategy services.

Finally, Elevated Third will be moving to a new home in the coming year. They are finalizing an option that would give them more room to grow but maintain their presence in Denver’s Lodo neighborhood. The new space gives them nearly 80% more room than their current office and they are excited to take this important next step.

“There are no private offices at Elevated Third and we have really thrived in an open and collaborative environment,” said Calderone. “Finding new space that allows us to continue that environment with nearly double the staff is exciting.  With this, the success of our existing clients and the great list of new clients, our hope is that 2012 continues the trend we started with 2011.”