Selling Drupal in 2015


As 2015 gets off to a start and we near the release of Drupal 8, there has never been a more exciting and significant time in the history of Drupal. The growth which it has seen over recent years is tremendous, and it appears that trend will continue (hopefully) over the next 11.5 months. As the Director of Business Development for an agency that specializes in Drupal-based solutions, I feel as though my job has only become easier as Drupal has carved out such a significant niche in the marketplace. As I begin working with prospective clients in the new year to communicate the benefits of Drupal, I wanted to share some of the trends that I have seen that enable business to understand the extreme advantages of the platform.

Increased investment in web strategy

Gone are the days of static web pages that required content to be managed in a painstaking and inefficient manner. As companies are focusing more and more on how they speak to consumers online, their content managers are also trying to balance their workload. A CMS such as Drupal allows individuals to manage content in a streamlined and much more effective manner. Users of Drupal can plan their content more strategically, with less time invested, which is an all-around win.

Brand/company missions involve a focus on digital now

The web is no longer something you can ignore, and it is just as bad to toss something up and hope it works. Digital is integral to the customer experience, and if you do not plan for it, you are going to be left in the dust. Drupal allows businesses to create seamless and beautiful experiences across the digital realm that capture consumers and convey a complete and consistent message. It can serve your business needs whether that means a website, mobile experience, e-commerce, etc. Drupal does it all.

Drupal is at the cutting edge of the industry

New capabilities are being developed every day by hundreds of thousands of developers across the globe. Because Drupal is not constrained by the limitations of one organization with a very specific roadmap, it can expand constantly and move at a tremendous pace. For example, personalization has become far more robust and easier to implement with Drupal, especially with tools like Acquia Lift. You can now target consumers with incredibly specific content in their time of need. These advancements that are at the forefront of the web development world allow companies to connect with their users in a way that couldn’t be done before.

Open source is no longer a bad word with big businesses

Large companies are moving away from the idea that they have to use a proprietary CMS. There have been enough success stories with large-scale businesses building sites in Drupal like Tesla, PayPal, Pfizer and Virgin, so people no longer feel as if they are sticking their neck out by using it. CYA and going the safe route is no longer synonymous with an archaic proprietary system that involves massive licensing fees. Not only are companies realizing that they are saving huge amounts of money by going down the open source path, but they are no longer at the mercy of the decisions or errors of one organization. They have the freedom to tap into the flexible nature of Drupal and use it as a malleable tool that can do whatever they need it to.

The community is passionate

The growth of Drupal has not only meant widespread acceptance of the platform, but also an increasingly large community of dedicated developers all over the world. People everywhere are building sites for themselves and clients, and solving problems which they can then contribute back to the community. This allows the CMS to grow every single day. Development teams are no longer small pockets of individuals isolated in one office; they are now massive groups using Drupal anywhere there is access to the internet. People share their breakthroughs and enable all Drupal users to progress and see shared success.

2015 is already shaping up to be another thrilling year in the Drupal community and we at Elevated Third hope that you join us.