Sprint 4G Launch Event


A photo of the event lobby with green lightingYesterday was the Sprint 4G Launch Event at the Denver Convention center and some of the staff headed down the street to check it out.

Over the past year, we have been working with Sprint Relay to promote their powerful new devices and services to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, but this event focused on the future applications for local Denver Businesses.  The technology previews included hardware such as the HTC Evo and the new Samsung Tab as well the Sprint 4G wireless networking devices to new services including high-speed video and video conferencing.

And while it wasn't quite the Stark Expo with Iron Man suits flying around on stage, it was still a pretty cool exhibition nonetheless.


Main Exhibition

A photo of the exhibition spaceThe main hall was divided in to different vignetttes that showcased different applications of 4G technology in different markets.  The heathcare vignette, for example, showed how patients at home could have video "check-ups" using their Sprint 4G Wireless Modems using video conferencing. In this way a doctor could potentially see dozens of patients he or she would not otherwise be able to.

Another area of the exhibition focused on construction site logistics and monitoring. Laptops with 4G could stream footage from on-site cameras to keep project managers informed on the day to day happenings at a job site, while the same cameras were used for security purposes at night and fed directly to security personnel.

It was great to see our friends from Sprint Relay as well as all the new 4G technology, and it's clear 2011 is going to be a big year for Sprint!

Check out the writeup in the Denver Post for more coverage of the event!