SUNY Maritime College, Email CTRs and B2B Email Automation


Drupal Case Study: SUNY Maritime College

In this Drupal case study, the school SUNY Maritime College migrated their website from a proprietary Microsoft platform to Drupal 7. The migration translated the current website, everything from structure to design. The new Drupal 7 website was also created to be responsive. The school chose to change their CMS to Drupal because of the ease of use, low cost, ability to be responsive and high data migration accuracy.


In Search of Lost Time

This CMO article discusses the issue that face so many of us in this day and age––where does all of our time go? Some of the suggestions this article includes are the benefits of unplugging, balancing work (not getting distracted by other work while in the middle of working) and logging time. There are many different ways you can capitalize on your own time to make you more productive––and give you time for yourself.


Email CTRs: Nothing New, but Still a Problem

Most marketers measure the success of their email marketing campaigns with click-through rates (CTRs), but according to this eMarketer study, many marketers are plagued by low click-through rates. The fix for the problem has yet to be agreed on, ranging from CTAs to list segmentation to message personalization.


B2Bs Need to Step Up Email Automation

According to a recent eMarketer survey, a very small amount of B2B businesses are using email automation regularly. Around 30% of email marketing occurred once a month or less for many B2B businesses, as many estimate this is the minimum amount of communication that maintains brand awareness.