Tailored Emails and the Power of Content Marketing Imagery


Want to Avoid the Trash Can? Tailored Emails Are a Must

A recent eMarketer article hopes to prevent your brand’s email from constantly getting thrown out with the trash. According to a survey conducted by Flagship Research, some actions that companies can take to retain email subscribers is personalized emails, as well as an option to receive fewer emails. 74% of users also stated that they expect companies to use the data about purchases they have made on the site to help personalize their emails.


The Power of Imagery in Content Marketing

A video’s worth more than a thousand words, according to this recent Business 2 Community article. A person typically remembers 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see and do––this highlights the importance of video marketing. The Business 2 Community article then goes more in-depth about how to captivate a user, such as using the right type of content for the medium, always having a call to action and the importance of mobile optimization.  


9 Interesting and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

What happened this week in digital marketing? This Adweek article compiled some of the more interesting occurrences and data. A recent study by mobile ad company MoPub found that eight times as many apps now offer native advertising content now than at the same time last year. This Adweek article also discusses current studies and surveys released centered on smartphone users, mobile purchases and social media trends.