Top 5 Developer Blogs of 2013


As the year winds up we, here at e3, have been taking a look back at the past year in numbers, so we thought we’d jump on the year-end list bandwagon with a list of our top five developer blog posts of the year.

With a team of eight in-house developers building custom websites on a daily basis, we run into our fair share of programming oddities and challenges. In the spirit of open source, we do our best to share some of our solutions to, hopefully, help out anyone who may be getting stuck in the same places we have.


5. Output a MySQL query as a basic HTML Table

4. Create an iCal Feed for a Single Node in Drupal 7

3. Enable AJAX Autocomplete on Drupal 7 Webform Textfield

2. Drupal CSV and XML Data Exports

1. Custom Fields in Display Suite for Drupal 7

Banner photo by Flickr user Verpletterend.