Trending Tuesday: January 13


What’s everyone talking about this week? This week’s trending topics include a US government hack, the death of Urbanspoon and Google’s Project Zero.

US Central Command Twitter Account Hacked

Another year, another government hacking. This time it’s the Pentagon who was hacked--at least on Twitter. The Cyber Caliphate, a cyber-terrorist group claiming association with ISIS, appeared to have hacked the account of the US Central Command. Monday morning, the profile and cover photos of the account had been changed and threats of violence towards the American military were tweeted. They also claimed to have hacked into the Pentagon’s network, and included screenshots of some of the information; it seems that a lot of the files were released publicly previously. As the accounts were being hacked, President Obama was giving a speech on the importance of cyber security.

Photo credit to John Sonderman.

RIP Urbanspoon

Urbanspoon has once again been acquired, but don’t expect to see the brand around for much longer. Indian startup Zomato reportedly acquired Urbanspoon for 50 million, but has every intention of converting everything to Zomato. The aim of the acquisition is to help the startup break into several new markets, namely the US, Canada and Australia. No reports yet on when this transition will take place.

Photo credit to Urbanspoon.

Microsoft and Google face-off regarding security bugs

As part of an innovative program named Project Zero, Google recently revealed a security hole in Microsoft software. The Google initiative finds security flaws and gives company’s 90 days to fix them before going public. Google released the flaw to the public earlier this week, much to Microsoft’s dismay. Microsoft is disgruntled with Google because they asked for a two-day extension, which Google was unwilling to give. But it was not just Microsoft that has had security flaws released to the public--so has Apple and Linux.

Photo credit to Robert Scoble on Flickr.