Trending Tuesday: January 20


What’s everyone talking about this week? This week’s trending topics include a a surprising turn in the North Korean Sony hack, Amazon Films and the exorbitant cost of Snapchat ads.

US hacked North Korea first

Yes, this is another Trending Tuesday about hacking. In the latest news about the Sony hack, the US admitted to having hacked North Korea before the country decided to hack Sony Entertainment over the film The Interview. Many people were surprised when the US so quickly denounced North Korea as the perpetrators of the hack that took down Sony’s network, stating that the US could not have figured out the truth so quickly … Unless they were in North Korea’s networks first. Turns out, the States have been into those networks since 2010, where they have been puttering around grabbing data about North Korea’s cyber-security.

Photo credit to leef_smith on Flickr. 

Amazon expands to film production

After taking a page out of Netflix’s book and creating its own original content, company giant Amazon announced earlier this week that they would be expanding to the creation of their own original movies. The movies would still come out first in theaters like regular films with a much faster turnaround rate for home viewing. Amazon plans to have their original films to be available to stream four to eight weeks after theatrical release instead of the much longer four to 10 month wait with regular films. Amazon also stated that they hope to release one movie a month. No exact date was given for when users could anticipate these new movies, but movie-goers should expect to start seeing some by the end of 2015.

Photo credit to Amazon Studios.

$750k Snapchat ads

How much would you pay to have your ad put on Snapchat? Three-fourths of a million dollars sound like a deal? Not exactly. For an ad platform that has no real data on their efficacy, the disappearing media app sure charges a pretty penny––especially since not all Snapchat users will see the ad anyways. The ad lasts 24 hours, and as many viewers as want to see the ad can, while those who would prefer not to can refrain. Additionally, though Snapchat could release numbers on previous ads they’ve run, they haven’t. For a good comparison, TV ads for Monday Night Football goes for about around 400 thousand dollars, and they typically reach 9 million households.

Photo credit to Snapchat.