UMass Memorial on Drupal and Digital Darwinism


What’s everyone talking about this week? Catch up on this week’s trending topics including a Drupal case study from UMass Memorial Health Care, an interesting new HubSpot blog, eMarketer statistics and more.

UMass Memorial Health Care Case Study

Health care system UMass Memorial recently released a Drupal Case Study, detailing the system’s reasons for choosing Drupal to launch their new website, in addition to various department microsites. There were some main features that UMass Memorial was looking for in its new CMS: customizability, scalability, integration capability and more. Their strategic partner, IT and web solutions shop CentreTEK, recommended Drupal. The health care system launched three microsites in 2013 and a new health system website in 2014, which was well-received by their users, in addition to increasing key conversions. The website provides a wide range of data, which meant it needed to use a large taxonomy scheme to connect related content across the site.

Customers Want Personalized Content and Data-Driven Commerce

A recent study by SaaS company Janrain revealed that the majority of customers, 75 percent, in fact, prefer to have customized content. Contextualization is becoming a more and more important part of personalization for businesses. Understanding the path a client or customer takes while on your website is an inherent part of this method. If you know how the majority of clients come to pick your business, or how they decide to use your services, you can more easily adapt that path to go down the sales funnel quicker.

Adapt or Die: 3 Steps to Survive Digital Darwinism in Marketing

One of the latest HubSpot blogs discusses the importance of adaptability and change in the face of the digital marketing. One of the most interesting points this post makes is the de-emphasis on ROI while focusing more on Return on Experience (ROE). ROE focuses on whether your customers are enjoying the experience your company provides, rather than just tracking sales from customers. While ROI is important, ROE ensures that not only are your customers buying, but also returning due to the better experience you provide them.

Cross-Channel View Tops B2Bs' Analytics Wish Lists

B2B marketers agree––one of the most important features of marketing analytics tools is cross-channel views. This is so important because so many marketers use different channels that need to be analyzed, most especially email marketing and content marketing.

The Interview: Helena Norrman, CMO, Ericsson recently interviewed Helena Norrman, CMO of wireless technology company Ericsson, about her keys to marketing success. Norrman discusses creating a new digital development team to drive digital strategy in its many countries and channels. In addition, as a B2B company, Ericsson is also striving to work on brand recognition to stay relevant in a consumer-oriented digital age.

The State of Mobile User Experience

In this post, the Nielsen Norman Group examines the importance of responsive design and mobile user experience in 2015. The writer of the post states that they do not prefer mobile sites or responsive sites, but rather sites that provide the most usable content for consumers. There is no one size fits all solution for sites on mobile, yet both designers and content marketers agree that the prioritization of content is key in the limited digital space on mobile.