WATCH Elevated 3 Takeaways: Nonprofit

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In this edition of 3 Takeaways, our UX/Content Strategist covers a few simple adjustments nonprofits can make on their websites to drive funds, membership, and engagement.



Hi, I’m Jill Farley UX/Content Strategist at Elevated Third today our helpful takeaways are going to be for our nonprofit friends. It’s all about getting more donations to your website.

Takeaway #1: UX experts Nielsen Norman Group found that 62% of people who visit nonprofit websites are looking for clear, mission-objective and goal-driven content before deciding if they make a donation. If you think this is clear on their website, take another look. You may be missing out on an opportunity.

Takeaway #2: what blocks people from donating on your website? Typically it’s a very unclear call to action. If you think that it’s in enough places on your website, think again. It should be universal, probably on every page and very obvious. People are looking for it so make it easy for them.

Takeaway #3: this is a big one and takes a lot of effort. Online donors typically donate more from a volume perspective than people who come in through direct mail. However, the retention rate is lower so in order to fill that gap your email program needs to work a little harder to make sure they stay engaged.