Working for the greater good with Global Livingston Institute

DENVER, CO - Denver Interactive Agency Elevated Third has been selected to design a logo and build a website for the Global Livingston Institute Initiative (GLI). As a new non profit organization, the website and logo will be the first for GLI.
Elevated Third’s website design and logo will reflect the values and goals of GLI. The website will be built using Drupal, a popular open-source content management system. This will allow GLI to easily edit their website without having to hire a web developer when basic content changes are needed.

About Global Livingston Institute: Based in Denver, Colorado, GLI is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire community leaders and students by exposing them to the poverty, lifestyle, government and challenges that exist in East African nations by organizing trips to the region to work with fellow nonprofit organization, Come Let’s Dance (CLD). GLI explores CLD's mission to empower at-risk youth in order to enable the future generation of leaders to provide a more stable and hopeful future for Africa. GLI’s goal is for their participants to bring ideas home with them that will improve their lives and their communities. Currently, GLI provides two to three trips to East Africa per year.

a photo of the GLI in Africa