Your Website's Online Reputation


A photo of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lunchbox

Ever since we have been in elementary school we've been worried about our reputation. What our clothes, attitude, or even our lunch box says about us- personally I loved my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lunch box.

In today's world, this reputation is now out on the forefront through Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Just type in your name and you can see what your online reputation is: your current job, how many 'friends' you have, what kind of music or activities you like. But what about when it comes to your business? When you type in your company's name what comes up first? It could be a website, the employees, press releases, or even negative reviews.

Let's use Elevated Third as an example.

A SERP page for a google search

When you type in the company name you see our website come up first follow by Twitter feed, Linkedin, press releases and so forth. Here at Elevated Third we work on shaping our online reputation first with our website design. This is the first thing anyone sees when searching your brand. The website needs to reflect the company through design, usability and content. Next, we use Social Media to keep up to date on new happenings in the industry from drupal to search engine marketing. We use press releases so our community can keep up to date on our new clients, new hires and happenings within our company. One way we track our reputation is through Google Alerts. This basic system Google sets up allows you to be notified and monitor what is up on the web about your company. There are many different settings on how you want to be notified, from anyone mentioning your company name down to news articles or blogs.

A photo of the google alerts interface

So give it a try. Google your company's name and see what comes up. Does your web presence truly reflect the online reputation you want?