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Get started with Drupal 8 personalization the right way with Acquia Lift 4.0

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Acquia Lift Solution Partner
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Personalization strategy and implementation

Powered by Acquia Lift 4.0, Water Research Foundation delivers personalized experiences to promote +2000 water research projects across six continents.

Project Includes:

- Drupal 8
- Acquia Lift 4.0
- Acquia Content Hub
- Acquia DAM
Water Research Foundation

Initial Lift setup and configuration to begin collecting data. 

Define segments, goals, and campaigns to deploy personalized content. 

Analyze performance, introduce new variations and continue to improve. 

Lift Readiness Analysis

Not every site is ready to go with Acquia Lift 4.0 out of the gate. Making sure a Drupal site is technically sound and has the right content to support variations is a critical step in our process. 

Personalization Discovery

Effective personalization is about having a conversation with customers. Through a personalization discovery process, we help identify the right segments, define targeting attributes, and plan messages accordingly. 

Campaign Strategy & Configuration

While Acquia Lift 4.0 is easy to use, it can be daunting to set up from scratch. As Lift Solution Partners, we ensure campaigns, segments, goals and connections to Acquia Content Hub follow best practice right out of the gate. 

Personalization Campaign Analysis & Optimization

Acquia Lift 4.0 offers a slew of data, but knowing what data to track, and more importantly, what to do with it, is key. Proper reporting means actionable data to make decisions to further optimize. 

Is your site Lift-ready?