Through a combination of tracking tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Crazy Egg click tracker and, we can help you develop easy-to-view dashboards and tracking plans that provide insight into key user behaviors and search opportunities. See how we moved the needle with Lab-Aids.

A/B Testing

During site build, decisions need to be made to keep moving. A/B testing allows us to easily test the user experience and adjust accordingly. Is the homepage banner headline inspiring users to keep going? Does the button position on the product detail page drive clicks? We run and monitor A/B test campaigns on just about anything to incrementally improve site conversions. 

Incremental Feature Rollouts

Most projects end with a wishlist of features that didn’t make it into the core project timeline or the budget. Gathering data on the new site is the best way to prioritize what smaller features you roll out next to boost performance. Our team works as well with big Drupal website development projects as we do managing ongoing integrations or feature additions. 

Funnel Tracking

High cart abandonment? Below average detail page views? High bounce rate at the login page? If users are jumping ship at key points in your conversion funnel, it’s time to adjust, test, adjust, test. Even the most well-architected funnel flows leak. Through simple tracking and strategic UX or content adjustments, we can fix the leak and bump up your conversion rate. Check out how we helped Denver Botanic Gardens increase their ticket sales.

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