Automated Campaign Strategy

From abandoned cart campaigns to user onboarding to nurturing campaigns that supplement your content marketing efforts, we work with you to build out your marketing automation strategy to get the most out of the tool you’ve invested in.

Technical Integration

Vendors like to throw around phrases like “open API” and “easily integrates,” but often you need technical know-how to make sure your data moves between your CRM, marketing automation tool and back office systems correctly.

Lead Scoring and Personalization

One key advantage of deep website integration with marketing automation tools is the ability to customize user-facing content for a personalized experience. Website personalization in Drupal allows you to nuance messaging for different audiences, verticals, or lead score for a more contextual user experience

Conversion Tracking

A critical component of marketing automation for Drupal is tracking and reporting. Tying together meaningful analytics dashboards and narrowing in on a few critical KPIs can keep your sales and marketing machine running smoothly. We have experience with third party dashboards and data warehouse platforms to close the loop on your overall effectiveness. 

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