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Over 80,000 impressions
15% conversion rate
A/B tested campaign

Working with Earth Balance, a popular line of plant-based foods owned by Boulder Brands, we developed a digital display campaign to drive in-store sales of buttery spreads at WholeFoods.

We helped the Earth Balance Brand—a plant-based food brand owned by Boulder Brands—design and manage a four-week campaign to boost in-store sales of their buttery spread product in Whole Foods stores.

The result was over 80,000 impressions with 15% conversion rate on coupon downloads.

The campaign for Earth Balance was a challenge from the start. How could we drive people towards in-store purchases using digital advertising?

Boulder Brands campaign
Boulder Brands mobile creative
Boulder Brands creative campaign

We focused primarily on digital and mobile display ads using search targeting around zipcodes near WholeFoods locations. Demographic and ad-retargeting helped increase impressions. With such a niche target, the display creative was going to be critical to success.

Data-Driven Creative

One of the starting points of any campaign is analyzing what the competition is doing. We noticed there were a few types of ads that seemed to be popular within the spread space. Some ads featured a single product hero shot while others showed food and the product in situ. We gathered competitors ads and ran simple tests using Google Survey to determine what kinds of imagery people responded to more.

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The winner? Images of food plus product. At the cost of a few cents per answer, we received hundreds of responses from a targeted demographic in a few hours. There were no big design debates, no battling opinions. We had promising direction.

Next, trolling through social media within the food space, we found an overwhelming preference for hearty breakfasts featuring muffins and pancakes, with cookies a close second. Art direction for the campaign, then, focused on casual, top angle views of the product, with breakfast foods in view against a simple background (ala Pinterest).

Constant Iteration

After the campaign launched, we observed results and honed the budget even further. We cut ad groups, tested new headlines, and optimized budget based on device usage for maximum conversion. The result was an average 15% landing page conversion rate over the four weeks, proving digital could be a powerful tool for Boulder Brands.

Boulder Brands mobile website
Boulder Brands creative campaign

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