Central Square Personalization with Drupal 8

Drupal web personalization
for CentralSquare

image of bustling city with purple overlay

We helped CentralSquare leverage Demandbase to implement personalization with Drupal 8.

When CentralSquare (formerly Superion) came to us, their site was not generating enough leads, and their sales team had little intelligence about who their users really were. The marketing team was looking for an upgraded, fine-tuned system with an abundance of opportunities for their users to convert. 

CentralSquare provides technology solutions that help more than 7,500 public sector agencies deliver vital safety and administrative services to 3 out of every 4 residents of the U.S. and Canada. Part of CentralSquare’s mission is, “to create the broadest and most agile software platform to help solve some of the most pressing issues facing local governments today.”

screenshot of CentralSquare homepage before redesign
screenshot of CentralSquare homepage after redesign

Smart Content + Demandbase = Personalization

CentralSquare needed a way to demonstrate their understanding of customer needs across different geographic regions, each with unique problems. We designed landing pages to have dynamic header banners that change for each visitor based on a set of specified conditions. For example, if someone in Wichita Falls, Texas, visits CentralSquare’s site, the header banner looks like this:

A screenshot of a personlized banner based of of location.

How does it work? When it comes down to it, personalization relies on a series of if-then statements. If the value is X, then display Variation 1. If the value is Y, then display Variation 2. You get the idea. Demandbase collects values such as location, industry, and company size from a user’s IP address and delivers those values to the site in real time. Our custom Drupal module, Smart Content, creates reactions to those values and display content variations. The admin experience looks like this:

screenshot of location based admin experience

Instead of entering multiple conditions (ifs) manually for each new variation, we used Smart Content to create “smart segments.” A smart segment is a group of conditions that can be referenced multiple times and is usually associated with a company’s primary target audiences. Smart segments are easy to add, edit, or delete, they can be adjusted as a company’s marketing strategy evolves.

Data-Informed BDR Chat

CentralSquare’s sales team also needed real-time customer data to close deals in real time. The goal was to be able to take information from Demandbase and Drupal and pass it to Olark, a live-chat software, to increase close rates. Unfortunately, a Drupal/Demandbase/Olark integration did not exist.

A screenshot of Olark with no Drupal implementations available

But our expert team of developers didn’t let that stop them. We know how to integrate Drupal websites that help businesses leverage all the systems they do have (or want to use). So we built CentralSquare a custom integration that empowered their sales team with data.

illustration of the process in which DemandBase can pass info on to Olark to provide personalized chat and content

Now, the minute a user hits the site and starts scrolling, Demandbase pings Olark with relevant information about the user based on their IP address, and Olark assigns the user to the salesperson who is best equipped to meet that user’s needs. Information like company name, industry, and employee count are sent to the sales representative before the conversation even begins, allowing them to tailor their discussion and shorten the sales funnel.

two mobile screenshots of CentralSquare website with alternate city headlines
screenshot of video on CS mobile website
screenshot of event call to action on desktop CS website
screenshot of product offering icons and selector from desktop CS website

Designed for Conversion

The primary issue that CentralSquare had was a lack of conversion. Now, integration with Marketo allows the CentralSquare team to feature a prominent form at the bottom of every page that urges users to sign up for product demonstrations. The Marketo integration also allows CentralSquare to offer their content in a gated format for the first time. On top of that, our design team structured the new page layouts to support a more scannable content structure with better messaging, and feature clear calls-to-action on every page.

Since implementing the new site, CentralSquare has seen an increase in primary conversions such as contact and demonstration form submissions. They have also seen a significant boost in soft conversions including email capture and chats with live agents, all important steps in a long customer journey and complex sales process.