Enterprise CMS implementation and marketing automation for Comcast

Marketing Automation and enterprise CMS implementation for Comcast

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Marketing automation strategy
Pardot and Salesforce integrations
2017 Acquia Engage Award Finalist
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Comcast Technology Solutions' new branding, featuring stark imagery and an innovative wave pattern

As a B2B marketing agency, we are constantly exploring CRM and marketing automation platforms for our internal content marketing strategy. Pardot by Salesforce has become a favorite of ours, due to its highly customizable lead generation and reporting tools.

Comcast Technology Solutions, already running several Drupal marketing websites, was looking to boost its content marketing and customer nurturing efforts with an enterprise CMS. It was a natural fit for us, being experienced with both Drupal and Pardot. But the question quickly arose—how could we help Comcast Technology Solutions talk to a very specific niche on a regular basis?

Defining the Customers and Prospects

We started by immersing ourselves in the space in order to understand what, and to whom, we were selling. This included poring over product briefs, videos and webinars from cable trade shows, trolling LinkedIn groups—anything we could get our hands on. Comcast Technology Solutions helped us understand their complex audience, and we defined a series of personas that outlined the concerns, triggers and motivations for key influencers and decision-makers per product line.

Pardot + SalesForce Integration

Drip campaigns were designed and implemented in Pardot to capitalize on known triggers. All this was made possible by field mapping Pardot to SalesForce. We coordinated forms and email collection fields across multiple Drupal sites using a single Pardot instance and are able to gather and act on customer intelligence across each property. All the while, an ongoing communication strategy was designed to create regular, insightful content that only Comcast Technology Solutions’ experts could produce. 

Various Comcast pages unified under consistent branding imagery

Completing the Ecosystem

Working in conjunction with B2B branding agency Leopard Ogilvy, we provided UX and technical strategy and incorporated Leopard's slick design that spoke to Comcast Technology Solutions’ future-focused vision. The result was a suite of enterprise CMS Drupal websites, complete with custom intranets and internal tools that enable content management and production. 

Tied together with SalesForce and Pardot and analytics, the marketing ecosystem we helped Comcast Technology Solutions build is an end-to-end marketing platform. Built for marketing, empowered by content, and driven by sales, there’s a lot more to these enterprise CMS sites than meets the eye.

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