Crestone Capital

Drupal 8 Redesign With Users In Mind

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A brand refresh and Drupal 8 site launch for Boulder wealth management firm

The news section of the new website, displayed on a mobile device
Crestone Capital's "about us" page
Crestone Capital's "about us" page featuring employees both in and outside the office

User-First Design

Crestone’s old site did not showcase their team, brand, or investment philosophy, leaving users confused and unwilling to engage or call. The site failed to relay the Crestone story and did not create an experience that represented the firm’s unique philosophy. 

Crestone Capital’s redesigned site path mirrors the life journey of their worldly clients. We successfully designed and developed a well branded, user first site. 

The prevailing goal of this redesign project was to cut down site content that did not support the Crestone brand. Everything was simplified, straightforward, and respectful of the user’s time. 

In order to showcase Crestone’s global team and client base, we implemented a unique display of members and brought users closer to the personality behind Crestone’s mission. The simply designed site leads users through pages in a seamless, natural way as to not overwhelm. We simplified investor-jargon into clear, concise messages that complement the site’s design and Crestone’s vision. 

The "our approach" page, with a visualization of key services

Drupal 8 to the Rescue 

After an extensive Discovery phase which covered web design, information architecture, user experience, and development, we determined that Drupal 8 was the right solution for Crestone. 

Drupal 8’s largest advantage to this project was the new configuration management system. Unlike Drupal 7, changes were not trapped in an admin UI. For Crestone’s Drupal 8 site, changes were stored with version control and then could be exported between development environments. This Drupal 8 feature shortened the deployment process from days to minutes. 

The "services" page optimized for mobile use

Additionally, Drupal 8 adoption of Composer as a PHP dependency manager was an enormous asset to this project and a huge win for Drupal 8. Composer streamlined the development process by simplifying dependency management. New Drupal 8 optimization, like configuration management make Drupal site builds faster and less error prone.

Another D8 Success

Drupal 8 proved its worth on the Crestone project. It supported the summer launch timeline and content to produce a responsive website. Crestone Capital, their clients, and their mission is beautifully described with the simplest design. 

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