Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA)

A Multi-site initiative for Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA)

A photo of the Colorado State Capitol building
Silver Davey award winner
Used across 3 digital platforms
Streamlined UX
The Ask DORA homepage on a laptop and tablet
DORA wireframes featuring twitter, facebook, and news components

Wielding the Pacific Platform

The multi-site build would be made entirely through Colorado Interactive’s Pacific Platform; an implementation of Drupal designed specifically for government agencies. 

Working within the framework of the Pacific Platform presented a unique set of opportunities and challenges. On one hand, it helped focus our build around features that were already optimized for government work. On the other hand, its constraints compelled us to find new ways of achieving our strategic goals. 

Fortunately, we found that within this specialized Drupal framework, there was plenty of room for flexibility. By assembling the Pacific Platform’s specific APIs through a set of customized wireframes, we were able to reconcile the constraints of the platform with the strategic needs of each web page. 


DORA, the advice giving, consumer protecting, Owl reminding Coloradans to get in touch with the Department

Laying the strategic foundation

Consumer protection is not exactly the most glamorous subject matter, but it is undeniably important and could wind up saving consumers countless hours and headaches in the long run. To drive engagement, we needed a way to captivate audiences from across Colorado.

Silver Davey Award WinnerAfter a series of brainstorming sessions, we landed on an Owl as a mascot for the Take 5 campaign. As a time-honored symbol of wisdom and trustworthiness, we felt the Owl is a fitting representation of DORA’s advisory role. 

Affectionately named – what else? – Dora, the Owl has taken on a life of her own and has been used on the site, in digital advertising, in social media, and on broadcast television.

The HPPP homepage on a laptop and tablet
The Broadband Fund homepage on a laptop and tablet
The OPRRR homepage on a laptop and and tablet

User experience driven design

Among the various microsites under the DORA umbrella, content touched upon a wide range of complex issues. To drive public involvement, we made the intricacies of consumer protection as digestible as possible. This meant avoiding jargon and simplifying content. 

"Creating the identity for 'Ask Dora' was a great marketing challenge. Figuring out how to make government regulation both friendly and relatable was a big ask and reating the wise owl mascot was a perfect solution."

- Shannon Flowerday, Senior UX / Digital Designer, Elevated Third 

Our user experience emphasizes memorable, graphical elements, rather than intimidating walls of text. Throughout each microsite, pages are populated with inviting calls to action, breaking down any hesitations the public might have toward getting involved. This allowed Coloradans to voice concerns, investigate industry professionals, and get answers straight from the source.


The HPPP main navigation featuring "find your profile," "regulations," and "FAQ" options


A springboard for continuing service

Elevated Third is proud to help our home state regulate industry and protect consumers. Our work with DORA continues to grow and evolve in response to the agency’s changing needs. 

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