Drupal Development for GLP Properties

Digital brand experience for industrial real-estate provider

A photo of New York City, a hub for GLP properties

What started as a small site has grown to a digital platform for a multi-million dollar company.

Global Logistic Properties LogoOur work with IndCor Properties, (now GLP), began in 2011 when a small group of investors and real estate experts, who did things a little differently, needed an enterprise Drupal website.

The upstarts, typically described as “Wall Street brains without the suits,” grew the company portfolio to over 110 million square feet of real estate within a few years, and needed the Drupal cms to help manage their growing online presence. 

The GLP homepage on a laptop
The GLP graphical timeline
The map interface showing GLP locations in the Midwest
The GLP story overlaid over a distinctive branded tile

Drupal development, photo and video shoots continued as we refined and tested the website and prepared it for launch. Then, an unforeseen turn of events meant a big win for our client. Global Logistics Properties Ltd. bought IndCor Properties to the tune of $8.1 billion, just days before the site launched, transforming IndCor into GLP’s U.S. platform.

The GLP "Platform" and "About Us" pages

With no marketing to speak of, other than the original Drupal website that sold little more than an idea, IndCor returned for a massive overhaul in 2014. A completely reimagined design, driven by the metrics and enormity of IndCor’s reach, was at the heart of the new Drupal website. In parallel, we developed slick brand materials for critical presentations—we knew something big was happening.

The GLP User Interface optimized for mobile use

Though happy for our client's success, the launch of the new Drupal website was postponed and then launched in mid-2015 under the banner of the new organization. For our part, we are proud to have made a contribution to the overall effort and eventual sale of IndCor Properties, as well as building their platform as GLP in the U.S.

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